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If you’re considering moving from your existing IT service provider to a new one then you will want to understand the potential challenges and risks that this might involve.

We recommend following a simple process to make sure you carefully examine the reasons you want to move away from your current provider and ensure you end up with the right new partner for your business.

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Step 1 – evaluate the main reasons why you think you need to change

Poor service from your partner and consistent failure in meeting their SLAs is an obvious reason. A belief that you are not getting value for money is another.

The main reasons organisations are unhappy with their current provider are:

  • Price
  • Service/technology requirements
  • SLAs not being met
  • No 24/7 support
  • Outsourcing provider is too big or too small
  • Inadequate innovation/productivity
  • Inability to solve any additional business issues

Step 2 – review your partner in terms of their ability to meet your future needs.

It’s important you measure your current provider in terms of their ability to meet your present and future needs.

Can your current provider deliver 24/7 IT support?

You may have acquired or considering acquiring another business and may need round the clock service to support international markets.

Can they help drive innovation?

It’s quite common for businesses to outgrow their service provider.  As your business has grown, you may be finding that your partner is not keeping pace.

24/7 support, service quality and maturity and changing technology needs  may now be more important drivers for outsourcing than simple cost reduction. Judge whether your current provider has the relevant expertise and technical ability to help drive innovation.

Finally, consider whether you might get a much closer relationship by working with a smaller partner.

Step 3 – understand the risks

Understand the risks, costs and the level and nature of the likely disruption, and weigh that against the benefits of the transition.

Evaluate the additional value that the new supplier could provide and the additional risks in changing suppliers in terms of business disruption

In addition, the outsourcing deal you signed may limit your right to solicit and re-hire provider personnel or make it difficult for the new provider’s employees to shadow or conduct other knowledge transfer work with the incumbent’s people.

Step 4 – Do your research

Having made the decision to move to a new IT services provider, success will depend on your selecting the right replacement and assessing their ability to transition and embed their service within your given timeframe.

At this stage, you may not want to risk moving an all-encompassing IT services deal from one vendor to another and consider a partial transfer of outsourced functions resulting in a multi-provider environment. Coordinating multiple providers takes time and effort so you will need to factor that in.

Make the switch to Acora

Terminating your current IT service arrangement and appointing a new one in its place is not as difficult as you think.

We are very experienced at managing transitions. Our first step is to hold knowledge transfer sessions with key stakeholders to get to know the business inside out.  We undertake a thorough examination of the processes, technologies, infrastructure and skills required to sustain the new environment. We then deliver a strong plan for transition of systems and assign a dedicated project management team to the task.

This ensures we are able to provide a seamless continuation of the service from go live.

Some of our most successful partnerships are with mid-market organisations who have switched to Acora from their previous provider.

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Market Focus

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What are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to switch provider?

There are many reasons why organisations decide to change their IT provider. Below is the list of the most common complaints’ we hear from customers who have moved to Acora.

  • The current service is too expensive
  • They can no longer get the services or technology their business needs
  • Customer service is poor
  • SLAs are not being met
  • There is no 24/7 support
  • The outsourcing partner is too big to be personal or too small to be effective
  • Innovation is lacking

What if I am still in contract?

If you’re under contract then you won’t be able to move without properly bringing the contract to an end. That usually means giving the proper notice period or paying a fee if you want to end the contract early.

What should I include in my outsourcing due diligence check list?

Once you’ve drawn up your shortlist, the next task is to put each organisation through your due diligence IT outsourcing process.

This should constitute 4 simple steps.

  1. Review their pedigree

Experience is everything when it comes to providing effective, timely IT services. The first section of your IT outsourcing due diligence checklist must consider whether a potential partner is actually up to the job.

Ask the tough questions now, or potentially face problems in the future

  1. Check their references

Every IT outsourcing firm looks perfect on paper – that’s the whole point of advertising. The only way to assess whether an IT outsourcing provider really can deliver what they say is to speak with existing clients.

  1. Check their facilities

More than simply asking questions about their provisions, you should arrange to meet potential partners and take a tour of their facilities. Seeing their infrastructure and resources in action will quickly reveal shortfalls, or instances where their advertising is better than their IT.

  1. Check their finances

Because your business is reliant on its IT, you need to be sure that any potential partner also has the financial resources required to keep their services running. Your accounts team should check each providers’ accounts filed with Companies House to spot potential financial problems

And don’t forget to ask how much each provider is investing – and in what.

What should I look for in a new provider?

Now that your business is fully reliant on its IT systems, outsourcing is a significant decision. Your choice of IT partner is just as important as the actual services that are outsourced. First and most important is the cultural fit and alignment with your vision. Ensure that your potential service partner has the same drive and ambition for their business as yours. The selection process must establish an initial trust and confidence in their industry knowledge and technical capabilities.

Other crucial criteria for helping you select your new partner include:

  • Prior experience in managing new partnership transitions
  • Location and facilities
  • Contractual flexibility
  • Mature processes and accreditations
  • 24/7/365 availability

Our Customers

frank recruitment
david phillips

Through Acora we found a partner who could not only design and build our cloud platform in Azure, but also provide ongoing support of our environment. We now have a fully scalable, modern IT platform which enables us to focus on achieving further international expansion.

Mark Hill
Global CIO, Frank Recruitment Group

The detailed but smooth transition made us think: not only had we made the right decision, but what other Acora solutions could work for us going forward.

Nathan Hayes
IT Director, Osborne Clarke

Acora’s in-depth knowledge and implementation methodology impressed us, as well as their ability to help us shape our new solution as our relationship progresses. Ultimately, we wanted an experienced partner who had the technical ability to integrate systems and streamline processes. 

Mike Skypala
Managing Director, OATS Ltd

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