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We can help you with your IT problem based projects.

There are a broad range of scenarios that our customers bring to us. The below are some regular examples of where our customers often start and where we have experience that could help you. Do any of them sound familiar?

I need to move to
the cloud

The cloud is probably (part of) the answer…but what is the question? What to move, when and how?

My infrastructure is old
and I need to invest

It’s time and budget is secured to transform from the old. But how to transition with quality and without service outage?

I need to secure all my
devices on my network

In this BYO, multi device, flexible working world, everything can access the network. But how can you ensure its done securely?

I need to maximise my
investment in O365

You have Office 365 and it works for email. But you are also paying for a range of collaboration tools that you would like to utilise.

My IT is not
investor ready

You have an effective model today but it’s not a platform that’s “expansion ready” to add expected mergers and acquisitions onto.

My IT project
has stalled

You started a project – either as DIY or with another provider but it hasn’t delivered what you need it to.

I need to build a
DR model

You have some capability but user, regulatory or commercial pressures mean you need an enhanced DR or back up capability.

My website can’t flex
to meet demand

Your website has seasonal or time-based demand surges. You need a low-cost, non-capex way to flex to meet demand.

I need to virtualise
my servers

You have lots of (old) server capacity but think it’s time to get some flexibility and lower TCO before you invest in more.

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