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Our IT Projects Services team can help you, from your first steps into the cloud all the way to resolving complex IT problems.

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Our team have a knack of quickly understanding your issues and getting to the heart of your challenge.

We believe in keeping things simple. We have a range of IT Project services but the reality is they end up being tweaked to meet your specific requirements. We can help with:

  • The quick and straightforward to the large and complex.
  • On-premise or cloud based.
  • IT technologies, platforms or business problems.
  • Failing or failed project completion.

A simple way to judge if we can help you, is to have a short call with one of our technical leads – at a time that suits you:

  • We will listen to your challenge and help frame some of the options available to you.
  • We will flag areas we think we can help you.
  • You can probe us to see if we have what you need.

We follow up the call with a brief summary of our understanding and suggested next steps. This lets you gauge if we are right for you. If we are, then we can progress at your speed, if not then hopefully you will at least be a little closer to the solution that is right for you.

Nice and simple.

A Typical Project Timeline

IT project services

IT project support services for clients who need additional support designing IT environments, planning for digital transformation or preparation for a complex IT roll out.

IT project scoping & solution design

If you have a complicated IT project that needs to be deployed quickly, or if you’re introducing new technology into your business, our IT project scoping & solution design service can help.

This service provides our clients with Enterprise Architects when needed, each of whom are experienced in designing optimal IT environments and delivering IT project scopes. They’ll work with your team to produce robust documentation and a step-by-step guide where needed. Helping you get where you need to be quickly, efficiently and with less chance of down-time.

IT roadmap review & planning service

If you’re planning to use technology as a business accelerant, or you want support creating a robust 100-day plan, our IT roadmap review & planning service can help.

Our team of IT consultants will work with your internal team to take a complete view of your company and its current IT environment. They’ll take time to understand your business objectives and will make recommendations for future IT implementations. Creating a documented plan for digital transformation and ensuring your business is ahead of the curve.

IT project support

Our customers look at projects in one of three ways: Either by component, vendor or problem that needs resolving. We can support you in all those areas and start from any of those positions.

1. Infrastructure & Cloud

Successful IT isn’t just about the building blocks, it’s about putting them together correctly.

Our experience suggests it’s not just selecting the right platforms that deliver the return on investment and the potential benefits you need.

What’s crucial is how the platform is designed and implemented, how migration is managed and how users are supported post set-up.

We can help you with your Infrastructure and Cloud projects in the following areas:

  • Cloud
  • Networking & Security
  • Email
  • Storage
  • Virtualisation
  • Workspace

2. Technology

If you know the technology you plan to work with we can help you implement your solution effectively.

Our experience suggests it’s not just selecting the right technology that delivers the RoI and the benefits you need. It’s all about how the solution is designed, implemented and integrated that is the key.

We can help you with your Technology projects with the following vendors:

  • Azure
  • Palo Alto
  • Hyper-V
  • NetApp
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Citrix
  • O365
  • Symantec
  • HP

3. IT Problem

Projects often start with a problem that needs to be fixed. We can help you ensure it’s the right problem and then fix it.

There are always multiple ways to solve a problem. You need someone with experience and pragmatism to ensure the most practical option is employed.

We can help you with your IT problem based projects. The below are examples of where our customers often start:

  • My current IT project has stalled
  • My IT is not investor ready
  • I need to move to the cloud
  • I need to secure all my devices
  • I need to virtualise my servers
  • I need to build a DR model
  • I need to maximise my investment in O365
  • My website can’t flex to meet demand
  • My infrastructure is old and I need to invest

Our Straightforward Process

step 1


Post workshop and contract signature, an assigned Project Manager (PM) will kick off the project.

step 2


A Technical Specialist (TS) will create a Low-Level Design (LLD) document to share with you.

step 3


The LLD is peer reviewed and the TS will work with engineering to provide you an updated plan.

step 4


The TS will use the LLD to provide a Scope of Works and allocate engineering time.

step 5


Following implementation and Go-Live, the PM will progress to Project closure.

Our Case Studies

Secure workspace with Azure, Office 365 & PaloAlto

Our client, an international professional services company, needed a solution to enable a more flexible modern workplace for their global end users.

Scalability & business agility with Azure

A large recruitment company undergoing rapid global expansion needed to replace their ageing infrastructure and migrate to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure from IaaS to PaaS deployment

A well-known football club wanted to reduce their web hosting contract (IaaS) and invest in a new platform enabling future enhancements to their web hosting platform.

Scorpio Worldwide: IT to support growth

After a period of rapid growth, Scorpio Worldwide needed to upgrade their ageing infrastructure and get additional support to supplement their in-house team.

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