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Cloud solutions put an end to the traditional capital-intensive infrastructure and applications economics as well as provide a scalable, flexible future for business IT. In addition you get the efficient, agile and innovative platform you need to become a digital business.

Moving to the cloud is a commercial, technical and strategic decision.

Instead of building your own hardware and software and locating it within your network and managing it with your people, it is provided for you “as a service” and accessed over a network. You are effectively outsourcing your computing services.

Each type and model of cloud requires different levels of management, expertise and involvement from you and they each have real benefits and the occasional drawback. But which cloud is right for you?

How Acora can help

Acora can help select the right cloud for you
Cloud is probably the answer to your question. But which cloud? For which applications? How will you access it? How will it integrate with your other platforms? What is the backup plan? What are your security plans? What do you want to manage? How do you plan to migrate to the cloud?

The journey towards cloud adoption is not always a simple one; that’s why we work with our clients to put together a customised roadmap that maximises value to their organisations. We understand how different cloud services work and we can help you make the right decision.

There are three options to select from:

Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. It provides software, platform and infrastructure ‘As a service’ and supports multiple programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

Ideal for: organisations with standard, mass access, non-critical applications requiring flexibility.

Key features:

  • Deploy anywhere with your choice of tools
  • Build your apps, your way
  • Connect on-premises data and apps
  • Typically pay per use model
  • Flexible, reliable, scalable and cost-effective

Private Cloud

Predictable and cost-effective but built and managed specifically for each customer. Our private cloud solution provides all the cloud benefits but with a security focus giving our clients full control of their information and services. We use our experience, methodology and technology to plan, migrate and manage applications into their cloud.

Ideal for: organisations where security and control are of prime concern or who have business-critical applications.

Key features:

  • Highly secure environment
  • Customised to the organisation
  • Opex commercial model
  • Requires in house expertise
  • Scalability and flexibility

Hybrid Cloud

The reality is that most companies will have a set of applications, sites, security and existing investments meaning that a hybrid model will be required. That will often extend to multiple public and private clouds woven together through sites and datacentres as part of an IT infrastructure model. Hybrid cloud lets you select the best of both worlds case by case.

Ideal for: organisations with IT legacy, scale, complexity or history and new lines of business.

Key features:

  • Application and site-specific cloud selection
  • Maximises current investment
  • Mixed vendor provides best of breed
  • Secure
  • Enables cloud adoption at sensible speed

Key features of our cloud support

Cloud solutions can empower organisations to create efficient, agile, cost effective IT platforms. But the cloud needs to be personalised to work for you. The cloud doesn’t run itself. Your users still need support. Your cloud needs to be maintained. Your cloud needs to be enhanced. You need to migrate from one model to the cloud.

Acora can help support you in four ways:

Design your cloud

We can help you select and design the right cloud solution. We start by understanding your existing IT model and develop a cloud strategy with you.

  • Which are the right applications to move to the cloud?
  • Which cloud is the right one and how much cloud do you really need?
  • What are the security, regulatory or compliance issues for you to consider?
  • What should be your diversity/back-up plan?
  • How do you plan to secure your cloud?

Connect to your cloud

We can help you decide how to connect to the cloud. Your applications now need to be accessed by your users and customers remotely in the cloud.

  • Internet, dedicated capacity or private cloud provider specific connections?
  • How much capacity is needed?
  • Will your existing network be enough?
  • What is your back-up plan?
  • What is the plan for interoperability between on-premise and cloud environments?

Migrate to your cloud

We can help you migrate your applications to the cloud. With the correct design, we move onto planning and supporting your migration to the cloud.

  • Which applications to move first?
  • Redesign and optimise before migration?
  • Parallel working required?
  • Test plan model design?
  • Use of migration software?

Manage your cloud

We can help you decide how to manage your cloud platform. The cloud doesn’t run itself. Your users still need support. Your cloud needs to be maintained and enhanced.

  • How do you want to maintain your cloud?
  • How do you plan to manage upgrades/patches/maintenance etc?
  • How will you support database migration and then administration?
  • How will you manage and monitor the platform and application performance 24/7?
  • Do you have the time, skills and knowledge it to manage it yoursel

We are cloud design, connection, migration and management experts

Embracing the cloud can be more challenging than you may first think but our design, connection, migration and management services can help you build and manage an infrastructure that makes your business truly agile. If you don’t have the time, skills or knowledge then work with someone who has done it all before. Someone who can help you realise the full benefits of the cloud and has a proven methodology to manoeuvre you successfully through the challenges.

Our Customers

I have no worries about our IT whatsoever because Acora is accountable for everything and is a one-stop shop for all our IT needs. Acora is just like another department within our business and whenever the need does arise for IT advice or assistance then I can simply call the Acora helpdesk and be confident that my issue will be addressed immediately.

Ian Cowie
Managing Director, Scorpio

We have known Acora a long time and they have proven to be a very good partner for us. I am very happy with them as a team as they understand our business and know where we are going. We talk to them regularly about changes to our business and how they can support us.

Neil Crowther
Managing Director, Ardent

This joint partnership ensures we are delivering what what we need to do as a business. Acora are the technical experts supporting us. Being able to talk to them about our requirements means we can react more swiftly than relying solely on in-house resource.
This ensures we continue to deliver high levels of customer service.

David Beldham 
Head of IT, ECIC

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