Maximise the value of your Office 365 investment

Although IT budget spend has increased, Business Leaders are still under pressure to justify every investment. You are also expected to prove the returns of each IT investment, and the value brought to the business as a whole.

At the same time, your team is under pressure to build an IT infrastructure that flexes to seamlessly support changing business priorities, even driving the agenda as part of a digital transformation strategy.

The bottom line is that you must fully utilise every asset – or face uncomfortable questions from the rest of the board.

The humble Microsoft productivity suite Office 365 may not seem like the logical starting point for digital transformation – but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. According to Microsoft, most subscribers are already using Exchange Online and Skype, whilst simultaneously ignoring the many value-adds included with their service. As a result those businesses are missing out on a number of opportunities to drive their digital transformation agenda.

In this eBook we explore how you can ensure you’re making the most out of Office 365.

Download the PDF to read more.

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