johnathan wates – Watesy Inc []

First Name johnathan
Last Name wates
Company Name Watesy Inc
Company Email


Tolerable – 60%


Outstanding – 80%

How high is your First Time Fix rate (of tickets resolved from incoming calls)? 3
To what extent does your Knowledge Base contribute to Service Desk Resolution? 4
How familiar are you with the top Service Desk ticket categories? 5
How well do you understand ticket resolution times? 3
How mature are your Incident Management processes? 5
Total for Performance 20/25


Tolerable – 50%

How easy is it for users to contact the Service Desk? 3
How well is Service Desk customer satisfaction measured? 4
How aligned is your Service Desk with the needs of the business? 1
How does your Service Desk rate for customer service? 2
How comprehensive are the Service Desk SLAs? 2
Total for Capacity 12/25


Tolerable – 55%

To what extent is the Service Desk impacted by resource availability? 3
How long does it take to induct a Service Desk Analyst on to live service? 3
To what extent do capacity issues contribute to Service Desk performance? 2
How effectively is Service Desk staff performance managed? 3
How well does the Service Desk environment aid productivity? 3
Total for Capacity 14/25


Tolerable – 60%

How well does the Service Desk understand the needs of different user-groups? 3
How technology-enabled is your Service Desk? 5
How much of the Service Desk agenda is to optimise user productivity? 1
What proportion of your end-user support service is automated? 3
How well does the Service Desk ensure information security? 3
Total for Capacity 15/25

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