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Your challenge

As your business evolves and grows, it is important to ensure that key IT services are not only able to keep pace and remain fit for purpose, but help drive you towards your key business objectives. Your IT service provision is a key component and enabler for your business, so taking the time to re-establishing the purpose, role and performance is vital to foster healthy integrated business and IT operations.

Your solution

The acoraServiceReady assessment provides senior IT and business stakeholders with expert insights into the IT service operation capabilities required to meet their future business objectives, and a plan of how to achieve it. Targets are established to re-align the services to meet future requirements and improvement initiatives are defined, sized and owned. Workshops with key stakeholders ensure that the business needs are well understood and service delivery teams are fully engaged in the recommended improvements.


How acoraServiceReady works

Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures based on ITILv3 service management disciplines, we facilitate interviews or workshops with key stakeholders to evaluate each service against 10 key ITIL processes and 5 maturity levels.

We establish the target maturity levels and identify the optimum maturity level to meet current demands, providing a roadmap of improvement in line with business change.

Business outcomes

  • Independent benchmark of IT services from an outsourcing specialist of 20+ years
  • Recommendations for each area, consolidated into a prioritised table
  • Practical plan to raise maturity of IT services in line with business needs
  • Improved alignment with business plans and expectations
  • Guidance on IT operation model/resource changes

Success story

In order to prepare for a potentially highly differentiated IT service delivery model, Retirement Advantage, a financial services organisation, undertook a 5-day acoraServiceReady assessment with their Executive and senior IT team members. The workshop format ensured a fully engaged team and produced a stakeholder owned plan for service improvements, which were prioritised and sized on their experience of delivery change through the business.


Our clients benefit from our combined service delivery expertise and extensive experience accrued from a diverse client portfolio. This allows the team to work with clients to make specific and practical recommendations, and not simply recite generic industry best practices.

Lee Ganly, Acora CIO and Head of Advisory Services.

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