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Protracted low economic growth, combined with market disruption, is generating a strong M&A appetite. But the pressure to generate new shareholder value means that that the opportunity to complete a full due diligence in advance is being eroded. If the time available to understand the target’s IT landscape is greatly reduced, this increases the risk of discovering expensive ‘misses’ post signing.

Your solution

acoraM&AReady is designed to support mid-market organisations throughout all phases of the mergers and acquisition process, pre-deal, during negotiations and post-deal. The service is  flexible, provided as either a fixed time or scope engagement, or as part of a recurring pre-paid service.

Supporting IT through the M&A process

Pre-deal we produce a concise IT due diligence report relevant to the transaction profile. Seller-side we assess current IT provisions being sold and advise on post-deal service provisions and remediation recommendations in advance of in-depth buyer analysis. Buyer-side we  can consider the combined business and the implications for IT, create a due diligence and integration plan, address integration challenges by highlighting potential risks and offering solutions.

During transaction negotiations we protect our clients’ interests, ensure that IT risks are understood and the material value of the transaction is not impacted.

Post-deal services include defining and delivering the integration plan, transformation and migration management and interim IT leadership. Our specialist advisors are fully aware of the challenges of acquiring and integrating a different culture, IT operation, technology stack and governance frameworks, especially during a period of change to both businesses.


  • Allows clients to concentrate on the many non-IT related transaction components
  • Adds scale and capability into often stretched IT operations
  • Trusted independent expertise from a range of industry sectors and company sizes
  • Flexible  – to support any transaction phase or party
  • Residual benefit of supporting and developing your internal talent

Success story

We were engaged by a leading international water dispenser company to carry out the IT Due Diligence for a multi-million pound acquisition. As a result of our support they successfully integrated the newly acquired businesses into their operations with minimal interruption and risk, utilising the principles from our business change management methodology.


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The preservation of the strategic rationale for the transaction and the enterprise value of the business are key outcomes that can only be met with sound planning and execution practices, thorough due diligence, risk management and strong change leadership.

Greg Hall, Director – Advisory Services, Acora

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