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Your challenge

Change affects every business at some point. Examples may range from a minor business restructure to a major process, organisational or system integration arising from acquisition. While the changes may be necessary for the future of the company, poor business change management can have severe repercussions.

Your solution

acoraBusinessChange provides facilitation and governance for businesses undergoing a transformational business change event. Business-oriented and not concerned solely with IT deliverables or technology change, our consultants will constructively challenge and guide individuals, teams and key stakeholders within our clients’ businesses to align to their primary change objectives and remain singularly focused on delivering the intended business benefits.

acoraBusinessChange service comprise two components, an initial assessment service to determine readiness for a major business transformation, and an on-going service throughout the change to ensure the transformation delivers the intended business benefits.

Why Acora for business change management?

  • Proven track record of managing successful business change at all levels of the business
  • Deep understanding of the effects of both good and bad change management
  • Business-oriented consultants so not solely concerned with IT deliverables, or technology change
  • Can constructively challenge individuals, teams and key stakeholders across the change process
  • Foster a positive environment in which to deliver a successful business transformation

We help our clients successfully embed major IT-enabled change and business transformation. Our experience and independence allows us to anticipate potential roadblocks and ensure the change delivers sustainable business value.

Lee Ganly – CTO and Head of Advisory  Services, Acora.

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