We can provide insight, experience and proven methodologies …from the boardroom, via the data centre to the desktop.

Supporting your business transformation projects

Mid-market organisations can gain competitive advantage through IT transformation by leveraging our team of strategic business and technical consultants, software developers, project managers and engineers. We can speed up key business initiatives, reduce risk and provide innovation to meet the challenges of today’s digital world. We have expertise in both Applications and Infrastructure and have experience of delivering both complex and simple transformation projects to a range of industry sectors in the mid-market.

Our services cross the whole business spectrum – from the board room, via the data centre to the desktop. By engaging with Acora’s professional services team, our clients can access specific skills which they might not have internally, scale up their team to speed up the delivery of new business initiatives or take advantage of new technologies.

Our range of services include


  • time savings and faster deployment of technology and business initiatives
  • business efficiency – enablement of technology to drive business value and competitive advantage
  • scalability – ability to provide IT platforms and systems that can scale to support business growth
  • business value – driving automation through systems and processes to control costs whilst growing revenues
  • access to specialist skills – being able to leverage specialist skills on demand without having to employ these skills internally

Complex transformational projects that normally take 18 months to two years to deliver internally will take you 9 months to a year by leveraging our services to provide scale, experience and know how to support your team.

David Rabson, CEO Acora

If you hire experts to do an important job, then you have to be able to trust them to do it. Everyone wants their customers to trust them. We certainly do. And we trust Acora to understand how our business operates, and to help us get the best use from our technology investments to suit our business needs

Ian Cowie, Managing Director, Scorpio

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