What Type of IT Leader are You?

What Type of IT Leader are You?Ever wondered what type of IT leader you are? Take our 2-minute quiz to find out.

The mid-market is often a fast-paced and innovative space in which to work, and we’ve found that IT leaders often take similar approaches when helping their business achieve its objectives – and we’ve grouped them into three types of IT leader.

The questions are based on what you do now, and what you’ve got planned for the future. The results will show whether you’re a blue-sky transformational leader, a savvy business strategist or a flawlessly functional leader.

Take the Quiz!

1. Do you currently have an IT platform in place that enables you to adopt new technologies quickly?1.   Do you currently have an IT platform in place that enables you to adopt new technologies quickly?
2.   Can your users access files and applications from anywhere, on any device?
3.   Do your employees have access to business applications that empower them to collaborate, streamline business processes and manage data easily?
4.   Do you have an IT roadmap/ strategy in mind with a plan for your ideal future state?
5.   Do you have the team/skills to deliver your digital transformation plan?
6.   Do you use IT support partners?
7.   In your business, who are you approaching the most about technology potential?
8.   In the last six months, have you put together a business case for some new tech?
9.   Do you have Board level representation for technology plans?
10. If your IT budget (for reasons unknown) suddenly grew by 10%, what would you spend it on?

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