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Your challenge

Today’s business landscape is driven by technological innovation and customer expectations. Businesses are expected to deliver quality products and services as quickly and efficiently as possible, provide the customer with a personalised experience and remain innovative. It’s a difficult juggling act, but one of the best ways to increase your agility and transform your business is through IT outsourcing. Outsourcing will help you to quickly adapt to changing conditions, respond to growth and improve your global business reach.

Your solution – acoraSelect

acoraSelect is a tailored IT outsourcing service which can deliver your entire IT requirements. Businesses require a range of IT services including management and support of IT platforms and users and transformation services to deliver key business initiatives alongside innovation to drive business change and value.

Underpinned by our UK-based 24/7 Service Operations centres, we can deliver world class IT services that enable your business to keep pace in the digital market.

Manage - acoraSelect enables you to outsource key functions of your IT operation

Service Desk

Our UK-based 24/7/365 service desk delivers 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support to more than 15,000 end-users across our 2 service operation centres.  Our teams interact with end-users and IT staff to provide the best possible service desk experience.


Service Management

To supplement our Service Desk, Acora Service Management provides a set of ITIL aligned service components that extend the scope of our outsourced service to enhance end-user experience and to also provide end-to-end management of IT systems.


Additional services to supplement your outsource


acoraSelect provides access to a pool of consultants who have a wealth of technology and business expertise.  Access to these on-demand consultancy services will deliver strategic IT advice and enable you to implement significant IT infrastructure and application transformation projects faster, and with more agility to enable your business to leverage maximum value from IT.



Organisations look to outsourcing providers to deliver the necessary innovation to enable competitive advantage and drive efficiencies.  acoraSelect ensures that you can leverage and gain access to market-leading technologies and services to provide an IT platform which delivers scale and agility, as well as drive business value.


AcoraSelect is available via a monthly contract and delivers the following benefits

  • Predictability, transparency and control over costs
  • Service levels tailored to business needs
  • Application of best practices, governance principles, industry tools and practices that improve service delivery, project delivery and productivity
  • Access to professional resources and skills that add value and stability to operating environments
  • Access to a broad base of technology, industry and strategic expertise


If you hire experts to do an important job, then you have to be able to trust them to do it. Everyone wants their customers to trust them. We certainly do. And we trust Acora to understand how our business operates, and to help us get the best use from our technology investments to suit our business needs

Ian Cowie, Managing Director, Scorpio Worldwide


Business Transformation through outsourcing

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