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Acora’s Trusted Digital Framework

Technology is fundamentally changing how businesses operate and the way in which individuals work. In fact, business and technology are becoming so interwoven, it’s hard to consider one without the other.

The pace of change and the functionality available from modern technologies in the market today has led to industry analysts coining this movement as the ‘digital economy era’. However, with this new ‘era’ comes a requirement for digital transformation, or in other words, digital investment.

Due to market pressure and the potential benefits gained, the majority of companies consider this investment value for money, however many find themselves struggling to make time for transformational projects. On average, 80% of the IT departments time and budget is spent on operational IT, leaving only 20% for strategic projects. This has led to companies choosing to work with IT service providers, like Acora, to help them transform.

In response to our clients requirements we have developed a framework, which covers all aspects of business technology and a clear view of what a robust and flexible IT environment looks like. It’s called the Acora Trusted Digital Framework and it’s objective is to help our clients compete and win in the digital economy era.

The need for digital transformation

Technology has become the accelerant of modern businesses, but the capability of technology cannot be harnessed without the right people implementing the right plan.

Digital transformation is a broad term that references the changes and plan required to compete and win in the digital economy era. We define it as the profound transformation of business and organisational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the blend of a mix of digital technologies with present and future strategies in mind.

It delivers real benefits to mid-market companies, such as:

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced cost

How we can help

We’ve supported IT leaders in mid-market companies for over 25 years’ and we know that their core dilemma is that despite the market digitally transforming around them, 80% of their time & budget is swallowed up by operational IT. Leaving only 20% for strategic changes.

Acora offers a range of enterprise-class IT services designed specifically to complement our customers’ capabilities, to increase their IT effectiveness today and to provide them with a competitive digital platform for the future.

How we support your digital transformation journey:

  1. We free up time for you​ – Securely transition & manage your current operational IT activities.
  2. We help you digitally transform​ – Understand your specific transformation journey and assemble the right mix of technologies and services to build your competitive digital platform.
  3. We deliver value to you​ – Delivery of ongoing value, allowing your business to succeed in the digital economy.

We do this using the Acora Trusted Digital Framework.

Introducing Acora’s Trusted Digital Framework

The Acora Trusted Digital Framework is a methodology we take our customers through to validate that the components of their specific digital platform are secure, innovative and cost-effective as they are built, deployed and used.

Our framework came from our experience of digitally transforming customers and continuously improving our process, governance and best practice.

We can design, build and proactively manage your platform using a governance model which validates each digital component against a core set of design principles delivering the following characteristics:

  • Cost optimised:​ Balancing service capabilities with cost, proactively.​
  • Innovation ready:​ Delivering business agility using modern digital technologies.​
  • Secure by design:​ Continuously evaluated security and compliance posture.​

To explore our Trusted Digital Framework in more detail, use the interactive graphic below.

The Acora Trusted Digital Framework

Click the layers to explore further

What are the characteristics of your Trusted Digital Platform?

It is cost optimised

The Trusted Digital Platform is not simply about minimising cost, the platform:
  • Builds a continuous discipline of proactive cost management and focus on business value.
  • Supports business growth in a sustainable way through being future ready.
  • Maximises and rationalises existing investments.

What are the characteristics of your Trusted Digital Platform?

It is ready for innovation

The Trusted Digital Platform is capable of using innovation to improve employee working practices and enhance supplier and customer digital interactions by:
  • Integrating new technologies with incremental transformations that use the deep understanding of new trends.
  • Embedd a supportive culture of shared innovation between Acora and our customer.
  • Dynamically adapting to deliver consistently high-quality Digital Services.

What are the characteristics of your Trusted Digital Platform?

It is secure by design

Early in the design process of all transformation projects and on a continuous basis through proactive managed services, the Platform incorporates:
  • Highly reliable low user impact security tools, process improvements and automation.
  • Integrity maintained by Acora's SOC, which continuously monitors and responds to security risks.
  • Compliance ready auditing.
Cost Optimised Innovation Ready Secure By Design Cost Optimised Innovation Ready Secure By Design Cost Optimised Innovation Ready Secure By Design Cost Optimised Innovation Ready Secure By Design

Download the brochure

For more information about our Trusted Digital Framework, take a look at our brochure.


Our Customers

frank recruitment
david phillips

Through Acora we found a partner who could not only design and build our cloud platform in Azure, but also provide ongoing support of our environment. We now have a fully scalable, modern IT platform which enables us to focus on achieving further international expansion.

Mark Hill
Global CIO, Frank Recruitment Group

The detailed but smooth transition made us think: not only had we made the right decision, but what other Acora solutions could work for us going forward.

Nathan Hayes
IT Director, Osborne Clarke

Acora’s in-depth knowledge and implementation methodology impressed us, as well as their ability to help us shape our new solution as our relationship progresses. Ultimately, we wanted an experienced partner who had the technical ability to integrate systems and streamline processes. 

Mike Skypala
Managing Director, OATS Ltd

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