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Is my organisation the right size & fit for Acora?

For a partnership to work on every level, it’s important to know that culturally and professionally we’re the perfect fit for your business. Ours is not a one size fits all approach and we recognise that our clients’ requirements can differ according to the industry they serve, the number of users and turnover.

Find out below where your organisations fits and how we can help.

50-250 users

Your IT personnel may be very limited and you need to access additional IT skills to lighten the load.

You may be looking to outsource for the first time to replace variable capital and operating expenses with predictable costs and would prefer to deal with just one partner for all your IT requirements – both strategic and operational.

Our advisory services complement our outsourcing services, providing additional support to organisations that may not have the luxury of board level IT expertise.

250-1000 users

You’re an established organisation with a capable in-house team but need to supplement internal capabilities, to provide scale on a 24/7 basis and take away some of the BAU IT operations.

You may be looking to grow through acquisition and need support with your IT strategy and IT due diligence. Alternatively, you may have outgrown your current provider and require a more mature partner to support you on your journey.

In all these situations we can help.

1000+ users

Many larger enterprise organisations like to multi-source, and utilise specialist providers. The benefits of this are in that it decreases their risk and allows them to access a wider variation of talent and innovation.

We have the ability to undertake a rigorous tender process. We have focused knowledge and experience of different verticals, expertise in specialist technologies as well as a sound understanding of industry specific compliance and regulatory requirements.

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