IT Service Desk Cost Comparison

Many people researching whether or not to use an IT support partner to look after their end-users, often don’t find much transparency when it comes to cost. That’s where our IT service desk cost comparison tool can help.

End user IT service desk cost comparison

Use the sliders to calculate an indicative cost saving and increase in hours supported.
Size of internal service team:
(i.e. number of employees currently providing service, to one decimal point)
Number of end users supported:
(i.e. employees with a computer)
Cost of support comparison (£)
(per year)
Time supported comparison (Hours)
(per year)
Internal cost
-  Resource cost of £30k plus 43% loading
(pension, training, NI, PC, desk, payroll etc)
External cost
-  £40 per user per month
Internal time
-  230 working days x 7.5 hours/day
External time
-  260 working days x 10 hours/day
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In truth, there are many variables that can affect the cost of managed services, such as the level of service provided, what’s supported, coverage times, service level agreements, and that makes an exact cost impossible to achieve through an online calculator.

However, our comparison calculator will provide a rough idea of using Acora vs the cost of keeping it in-house.

The above is designed to provide an indicative comparison to form the basis for a more detailed conversation. Clearly the actual internal and external costs will vary from the above dependent on your specific requirements.

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Comparing internal costs with a managed service provider

An internal team
A full-time IT support resource will cost in the region of £30k per year in salary, which after adding standard employment costs such as national insurance and pension contributions, gets you to a cost of nearly £4k/month.

On average that IT resource will look after 50-80 end-users, which equates to £50-£70 per end-user, per month.

A managed service
A managed service will cost you £40 per employee, per month. Which results in a direct cost saving of more than 20%.

On average, a managed service will also provide you with a 50% increase in hours covered, which drives a significant improvement in service levels.

And don’t forget the additional value you get from a managed service:

  • Delivery of a high level, consistent service level agreement
  • Supports all the services you need
  • Able to flex and scale as you grow
  • Can support your future state not just your current state
  • Enables your team to focus on new technology
  • Let’s you focus on real business value creation

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