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acoraDesk enables you to offload end user support and service requests in a cost effective way, so that your team has more time to focus on managing the core environment and IT initiatives that have the biggest impact to your business. You can also choose to extend the IT service you provide outside of core hours to cover nights and weekends.

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acoraNight operates like your trusted day time IT service, but at night. Our 24/7/365 IT service desk can provide critical support when you need it, out of our two UK based office locations. So when your team clocks off at the end of the day, the service seamlessly switches over to our qualified and experienced service professionals.

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acoraSelect is a tailored IT outsourcing service which can deliver your entire IT requirements. Choose from a range of IT services including management and support of IT platforms and users and additional transformation services to deliver key business initiatives and drive innovation.

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acoraManage enables you to offload support and management of part or all of your IT infrastructure. Along with providing day-to-day support of your IT infrastructure, our team of experts will carry out all of the “business as usual” maintenance activities and monitor key components of your infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime.

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Business Transformation through Outsourcing

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This joint partnership ensures we are delivering what we need to do as a business. Acora are the technical experts supporting us. Being able to talk to them about our requirements means we can react more swiftly than relying solely on in-house resource. This ensures we continue to deliver high levels of customer service.

David Beldham, Head of IT, ECIC

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