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Carrying out an overhaul of your IT operations is extensive and time consuming, on top of your Business as Usual (BAU) IT demands. How do you find time to make sure your IT infrastructure is fit to scale and IT processes and procedures are detailed, documented and rubber stamped? How do you effectively measure your IT service provision and the maturity of IT service levels?

It isn’t easy but we can help.

Our IT assessment services have been designed to support IT departments through a business change event. We can provide the people, processes and methodology you need to deliver a successful business outcome and at the same time ensure the business delivers shareholder value.


Our acoraM&A assessment is designed to help mid-market organisations navigate their way through the entire merger and acquisition process, pre-deal, during negotiations and post-deal.

Pre-deal assessment

Buyer side – we produce a concise IT due diligence report highlighting the IT integration considerations.

Seller-side  – we assess current IT provisions being sold and advise on post-deal service provisions and remediation recommendations in advance of in-depth buyer analysis.

M&A support services

During we assist with negotiations as a respected independent third party to protect our clients’ interests, ensure that IT risks are understood and material value of the transaction is not impacted.

Post – we can validate, enhance, or create 30, 60, 90 100+ day post-deal plans.


Our acoraBusinessChange assessment provides facilitation and governance for businesses undergoing a transformational business change event. Our consultants will constructively challenge and guide individuals, teams and key stakeholders within your business to align to your primary change objectives and remain singularly focused on delivering the intended business benefits.

acoraBusinessChange service comprise two components.

Change readiness assessment

We will carry out an initial assessment service to determine readiness for a major business transformation, produce a detailed readiness assessment report and executive presentation of findings and recommendations.

Delivering and embedding the change programme

We will take responsibility for the change management programme, and deliver against defined milestones and measurement criteria.


Give your IT an independent health check. Our acoraServiceReady assessment provides senior IT and business stakeholders with expert insights into the IT service operation capabilities required to meet their future business objectives, and a plan of how to achieve it.

Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures based on ITILv3 service management disciplines, we facilitate interviews or workshops with key stakeholders to evaluate each service against 10 key ITIL processes and 5 maturity levels.

We will provide a high value appraisal of IT Service Operation based on industry standards (ITIL v3 service and CMMI maturity scoring).

We will carry out an executive presentation of findings and recommendations.

What our IT assessment services mean to you and your company in real terms is:

  • Activities become strategic and proactive rather than reactive
  • IT contributes to business goals rather than obstructing them
  • Time and money are saved
  • Impartial, informed investment decisions become easier to make
  • You can stay ahead of the competition
  • You can manage change proactively

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