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Expert IT solutions designed, documented and delivered for your implementation

Solution design is a comprehensive proposition requiring deep technology experience and expertise across the entire IT stack and into the cloud.

Typically, growing mid-market organisations recognise that they need to make rapid changes to their IT environment to support their growth but may not have the time or resource to document the correct solution themselves. ​

How Acora can help

AcoraDesign is a standalone technical design service which can help plug that gap. We are high level strategic IT design experts. We are experienced at working with legacy and modern IT infrastructures.

Whether your requirements involve cloud, networking, desktop or applications you can rely on our experienced professionals to create a solution that fits your current and future requirements while maximising the return on your investment.

Design. Document. Deliver.

By listening first, we help you determine what your ideal IT end state should look like. Armed with your core requirements and business objectives, our design experts will draw up a high level strategic design to enable you to reach that goal.

We then document the design, and draw it up for you in a clear, comprehensive report.

Finally we will talk you through the key deliverables.

That leaves your business with the clarity of requirements and freedom to implement the design yourself, through a third party or with Acora, at a time that suits you.

Key features

  • Stand alone cost-effective service
  • Minimise risk, maximise return on investment
  • Free up your internal IT team
  • Improve project success rate
  • You implement the design at a time that suits you

Acora’s design services include:

  • Public cloud (Azure)
  • Office 365
  • Desktop
  • Data centre
  • Business Applications
  • Network

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