Recovery and High Availability

Your challenge

As IT systems and applications become more and more fundamental to the way our business operate, underpinning everything we do, the more questions are being asked by business leaders:

Our clients are often protecting 24/7 application workloads, running in hybrid, public and/or private cloud environments, with geographically distributed users across global regions. The increased use of public cloud as a platform raises new challenges around creating robust applications, and therefore a deep understanding of native platform resilience is essential in understanding how to protect these workloads

Your solution

Acora promotes a culture of recovery, rather than backup. Successful recovery starts with a detailed planning activity, considering the impact of an application failure and being very clear about the availability needs of your organisation.

Acora can facilitate workshops sessions that map key business systems, confirm dependencies and finalise genuine availability requirements to build technology solutions around. From this we are able to design and build highly available applications with sophisticated software and redundant capacity, either within diverse public cloud regions or on-premise, integrating “backup” software for lower priority systems or longer term archiving to satisfy compliance needs.

Our services and capabilities include:

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