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Your challenge

Whilst public cloud becomes a very real option for some organisations to drive their business forward, there are still many instances for which there are very legitimate reasons to operate a private cloud, such as:

Your solution

Acora understands these challenges and therefore supports the use of private cloud. However we do not think these environment should be totally restrictive and not provide some of the benefits of the cloud culture.

Acora provides a variety of private cloud options, designed and built for sole use by the customer to suit their particular infrastructure needs.  Our clients benefit from a team of  skilled architects and engineers, maximising strong relationships with our infrastructure partnerships.

Our Partners

The platforms

Private clouds can be built using a variety of compute, storage and networking Infrastructure architectures, and there are options in terms of proprietary or open source cloud platforms such as Azure Pack, Microsoft System Centre, VMware vCloud Suite or OpenStack. Acora can advise on the best route to take.


The infrastructure can be hosted in one of a number of Acora’s approved partner co-location facilities or on premise.  Acora is able to support on behalf of our client, or guide clients themselves, using industry leading knowledge in event and performance monitoring and capacity management.


By providing private cloud platforms that are capable of rapid automated provisioning and fully supporting the increased adoption of the DevOps culture, you can benefit from:

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