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Powering your business through cloud adoption

Most people have now heard the term “cloud” and many are just starting to realise some of the benefits of cloud within their businesses. Acora understands how cloud can help your business overcome many legacy issues and remove some of the barriers that inhibit growth. Embracing the cloud culture can bring many business benefits such as:

Acora solution

Acora understand that for most organisations, going “all-in” on cloud adoption can feel like a step too far. Some organisations have jumped right in and are entirely cloud enabled, where as many haven’t even taken the first steps towards it.

With this in mind, Acora completely understands that the journey towards cloud adoption is not always a simple one, so we work with our clients to put together a sensible roadmap that works for their business and maximises value to their organisation.

Cloud infrastructure services

Microsoft Azure



Private Cloud



Hybrid Cloud



Recovery and High Availability



The benefits cloud computing has to offer our clients increases on a monthly basis and is accelerating all the time.  We are continually making cloud investments to safeguard the relevance of our services, ensuring our people have the skills and tools to maximise this benefit for our clients

Lee Ganly, CIO, Acora

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