The Definitive Guide to IT Managed Services
Edition 1 – November 2018

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Chapter 4

Getting ready to move to IT Managed Services


There are hundreds of managed services providers, each with their own slightly different offering. Make sure that you define what you  actually want from an MSP before you start searching for a partner.

If you’re moving providers, make sure you understand why that change has to be made. And if you’ve outgrown your existing partner, don’t forget to include further growth when building your business case.

Whether you are new to Managed Services and are looking for your first partner or you have come to the end of your existing contract and are looking to change providers, there are  some simple steps you need to follow to ensure success.

Build a business case
Your business case for managed service adoption will focus on two key factors:

Driving transformation
The most important factor of any business case is understanding how (if) managed services will help your organisation achieve its strategic goals.
You must be able to answer the following questions:
• How much time will our IT team gain by outsourcing low level infrastructure tasks?
• How much money will be released for other strategic projects?
• How will outsourcing improve the experiences of our customers?
• How will managed services help to boost productivity and output?
• How will an MSP help your business take advantage of new technologies – and what benefits will that access bring?

Financial impact
The financial side of your business case is also a series of slightly shorter – but no less complex – questions:
• How much will it cost to transfer a specific service or function?
• How much will managed services save?
• What will the overall savings be?
• What effect will these costs and savings have on your profitability now and over the longer term?

Select the right provider
Because you are almost completely reliant on your IT infrastructure for operations, the choice of managed services partner is critical. Pick the wrong provider you risk placing your plans (and operations) in jeopardy.

So what should you be looking for in your ideal partner?

Due diligence checklist
Your due diligence checklist – from a technical standpoint – should include:
Services offered. Does the MSP actually support the function you need?
Experience. A glossy brochure is one thing, but you need proof that the MSP can fulfil their promises. Ask to speak directly to one of their existing customers.
Pedigree. How long has the prospective MSP been in business? What is their heritage? How long have they been in the cloud/managed services game?
Cultural fit. Ensure that your service provider shares your vision
SLAs. Does the MSP share your priorities? Can they respond to issues and provide resolutions in the timeframes you specify?
Technologies. If your business hopes to take advantage of the latest technologies, you need a partner who has experience – and uses them in-house.
Cost. Does the contract quote fit your budget?
• Future proofing. Make sure your MSP can cater for your future transformational requirements.

Nearly 90% of executives surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit believe that organisational agility is critical for business success.
Economist intelligence unit

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david phillips

I have no worries about our IT whatsoever because Acora is accountable for everything and is a one-stop shop for all our IT needs. Acora is just like another department within our business and whenever the need does arise for IT advice or assistance then I can simply call the Acora helpdesk and be confident that my issue will be addressed immediately.

Ian Cowie
Managing Director, Scorpio

We have known Acora a long time and they have proven to be a very good partner for us. I am very happy with them as a team as they understand our business and know where we are going. We talk to them regularly about changes to our business and how they can support us.

Neil Crowther
Managing Director, Ardent

This joint partnership ensures we are delivering what what we need to do as a business. Acora are the technical experts supporting us. Being able to talk to them about our requirements means we can react more swiftly than relying solely on in-house resource. This ensures we continue to deliver high levels of customer service.

David Beldham 
Head of IT, ECIC

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