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Having a business continuity plan is the critical difference in your business surviving a disaster, whether it’s natural, physical or digital.

In the past, with traditional business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, organisations would have to figure out what their budget could support and make tough decisions about which applications will be covered.

Thanks to the cloud and server virtualisation, disaster recovery solutions are now both easy to manage and affordable.

How Acora can help

We have a range of backup, replication and recovery services that ensure your business-critical environment, data, and online presence are available with minimal downtime.

By using a combination of real time replication and failover to mirrored systems, we can provide almost instant access to your business systems in the event of a catastrophic failure.

For less critical systems we provide you with a virtual server, with the data recovered from the backup media to the new server. Easy and secure access is provided via the internet so your staff can work remotely, from wherever they happen to be.

To make sure nothing is left to chance, as part of our service we will conduct a full disaster recovery test based on a simulated major failure. Our key objective with your DRP is to make sure our systems deliver your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO), which are agreed from the outset as part of the service deliverable.

Successful Business Continuity planning process in five simple steps

step 1


step 2

Solution Design

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step 4

Testing & Acceptance

step 5


Managed applications & managed disaster recovery

Put primary production and disaster recovery instances into the cloud and have both handled by Acora.

  • Reap all the benefits of cloud computing
  • Usage-based cost eliminating on-premises infrastructure

Back up to & restore from the cloud

Applications and data remain on-premises, with data being backed up into the cloud and restored to on-premises hardware when a disaster occurs.

  • Substitute for tape-based off-site backups
  • Data deduped, compressed and encrypted into the cloud

Replication to virtual machines in the cloud

For applications that require aggressive RTOs and RPOs, (as well as application awareness) replication is the option of choice.

  • Replication to cloud virtual machines can be used to protect both cloud and on-premises production instances
  • Replication is suitable for both cloud-VM-to-cloud-VM and on-premises-to-cloud-VM data protection

Back up to & restore to the cloud

Data is not restored back to on-premises infrastructure; instead it is restored to virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud.

  • Requires both cloud storage and cloud computing resources
  • The restore can be initiated when a disaster is declared or on a continuous basis (pre-staged)
  • For aggressive RTOs, pre-staging DR virtual machines and keeping them relatively up-to-date through scheduled restores is crucial

Want to back up your data online?

With the switch from analogue to digital technologies there has been a rapid increase in data generation by individuals and corporations alike. Contracts, finance, sales records, inventory, proposals, marketing material, business contacts, emails, etc. account for the bulk of your invaluable business assets, which you cannot afford to lose.  Your business is your data! Without a contingency plan, an unforeseen event could be the end of your business as you know it.

Acora cloud online backup plan

Acora’s cloud online backup service will provide a cost-effective solution to your backup requirements.

It is a hassle free, easy to install and completely secure service that protects your precious emails, databases and files by keeping a copy safely online, in the cloud.

Key benefits

  • Automated, secure, fully scalable and cost effective
  • Create backup schedules to suit your business requirements – hourly, daily, weekly
  • Minimal downtime, fast restoration of data
  • Fixed price plans
  • Off site storage to secure datacentres
  • Data encryption for full security
  • Monitoring and support – we monitor your backups to ensure they are successful

Our Satisfied Clients

The Citrix cloud solution is the perfect product for our business.  As a Citrix specialist, Acora was our partner of choice to help ensure a smooth migration and we were not let down.

From a support perspective we are 100% happy with Acora. Dealing with the team on a day-to-day basis is a real pleasure as we can always be sure that they will find the best solution for our needs in a very quick and efficient manor.

We have benefited from Acora’s services for more than 10 years and have found their service to be extremely reliable, technically sound and well supported. With our business acquisitions they have migrated numerous company systems to our core service effortlessly and they deliver what they promise.

As well as delivering the services we demand our users benefit from a personable service and as such we would definitely recommend Acora as a service provider.

We moved across to an Acora managed service in 2010 to serve the group activities. From the start the team worked with us to ensure a smooth transition and identify areas of improvement.

The end result is that today we have a team able to support and advise on our current and future needs. The helpline for staff is invaluable. Acora can relate with users at peer level to resolve issues quickly. Their people constantly keep abreast of new IT developments and allow us to get on with our job of selling cars, service and parts.

Steve Neild
Mauve Group – Director

Steve Beardsall
Restore – Director of IT & Business Support

Peter Barnes
Lipscomb – Director

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