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Unique challenges:

  • Highly bespoke product and complex supply system: The bespoke nature of McGeoch’s business meant the company needed to stock vast quantities of parts, both in terms of legacy equipment and newly developed pieces. This required a complex manufacture and warehousing system. Crucial to the successful implementation of the new system was the need to ensure minimum disruption of this existing process. Any disruption would cost McGeoch considerably in lost revenue as the business would literally grind to a halt.
Acora demonstrated a real understanding of our business and its needs and managed our expectations very well. They clearly understood the high levels of risk to our business during this project and worked incredibly hard to deliver it on time, to budget and with minimal disruption, expertly guiding our team every step of the way.
Steve Swallow
Managing Director

McGeoch Technology lights the seas with the help of Acora and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

McGeoch Technology is one of the UK’s leading electric lighting suppliers to the marine market. Established in 1832, McGeoch Technology has a prestigious history. Based in Birmingham, the company designs and manufactures bespoke marine electrical applications, ranging from lighting for submarines and surface ships to connectors, switches, control panels and LED units. Together with its Precision Ceramics and LED Divisions, the company is able to satisfy the most complex of needs relating to electric equipment for all aspects of maritime transportation.

Business focus

McGeoch had been using a Swan solution since 1992 and their business was swiftly approaching the point where their business-critical technology would become obsolete and unsupported. With this in mind the company assigned a team of in-house experts to find a new solution that meets their immediate and longer-term requirements.

Expert recommendation

After an extensive research process, Acora, formerly known as PCS, worked with McGeoch to select Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Steve Swallow, Managing Director of McGeoch explains:

“We spent a considerable amount of time researching the market but chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a number of reasons. The solution is very much in keeping with all Microsoft applications – it is highly intuitive and has the same familiar look and feel of the more well known Microsoft products. The result is our users can adapt to very quickly and with minimal training. NAV also has a clear roadmap for development backed by the strength and resource of Microsoft. Overall, we also found NAV to be the best fit for our business.”

“In Acora we found a local partner who demonstrated the right methodology combined with extensive experience and a realistic approach to implementation. This realism, in particular, stood out to us. We knew the project would be time-consuming on our part and in order to ensure success, we would need to adopt a joint approach with the partner we selected. Acora set this expectation from day one and in doing so helped us manage our in-house team more effectively.”

Service shaped around you

Acora worked with McGeoch’s appointed in-house team for the duration of the implementation, appointing an Internal Champion as part of that process. The Acora team set out timescales and expectations from day one and built a strong communication channel, ensuring that both parties clearly understood the process as it progressed from stage to stage.

In just six months Acora had implemented the entire project without any disruption to the business.

Focused on outcomes

Almost immediately McGeoch began to realise the benefits of their new NAV solution. A key benefit has been found within the company’s accounts department. Due to the increased automation and improved reporting, much of the original resource has now been reallocated, making the department much more efficient.

Further significant benefits have been found through the movement of stock, traditionally a very cumbersome process. Staff no longer have to open five disparate systems, instead, NAV pulls all the information together

Steve Swallow comments:
“The system has only been live for a few months, however, we are already realising considerable benefits from our investment. The accuracy and reliability of NAV brings a real sense of comfort. My management team and I are now able to pull real-time reports off the system instantaneously. The system is so easy to adapt to and should we experience any difficulties the Acora team are always just a phone call away.”

“The result for McGeoch is a robust new solution that will serve our needs for many years to come. We can continue to enhance the system in line with developments from Microsoft, all expertly provided by Acora.”

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