Infrastructure & Service Transformation

Infrastructure & Service Transformation

About our client

Our client is a multinational private equity and venture capital company based in London, with over 350 employees. Acora responded to a formal RFP, managed by KPMG, to select a new IT Services partner to support an infrastructure transformation activity and a service transition from their long-term, incumbent service provider.

The key requirements of the RFP were to:

Improve the end-user experience
Simplify the management of their overall technical management
Improve the quality and consistency of how services are delivered

Acora solution

Acora was successful in winning the infrastructure transformation project and ongoing infrastructure management of the platform, with a second 3rd party provider being utilised for onsite end-user support.

Acora managed and delivered a significant infrastructure transformation project, which at a high-level incorporated:

Deployment, configuration and migration of an entirely new hosted infrastructure platform,
Migration from an EMC storage platform to a new platform, based on NetApp,
Deployment of a new Microsoft Hyper-V platform
Deployment & migration to a new Citrix XenApp solution

In parallel with the transformation project, Acora transitioned the company into a new, multi-year managed service, providing 24/7 proactive management and support of all global infrastructure services, including data centre services in the UK and US.

Acora deployed its service management products and tools into the client’s environment and provided access to the necessary features to the 3rd party provider delivering End User Commute (EUC) support. In addition, Acora completed the integration activity to ensure that incident and request hand-off and tracking was seamless between the 3rd party and Acora.

Business outcomes

Acora was able to provide a well-designed, high-quality service and technical solution with was reviewed and approved by both KPMG Technical Auditors and Microsoft.

Acora continue to enjoy a highly successful relationship with this client, and since the initial engagement has delivered additional project services including migration to O365 and data centre consolidation activities.

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