Enhanced scalability and business agility with Microsoft Azure

Enhanced scalability and business agility with Microsoft Azure

Our recruitment client’s goal

Our client is an award-winning, multi-brand specialist global recruitment firm with over 1000 employees. The company has been experiencing rapid YoY growth on a global scale whilst still operating with an internal data centre, shared storage and an ageing on-premise infrastructure. As a result, the company’s IT department was finding it increasingly difficult to scale.

Their global CIO knew that the organisation’s current systems and environment needed updating to improve agility and create a flexible working environment across all offices. Inevitably that meant aligning the business to a digital-first strategy moving away from on-premise technology and migrating to the cloud.

Why Acora?

Having decided on Microsoft Azure as their cloud platform of choice, the company’s initial requirement was to find a suitable partner to support them with the migration.

In Acora they found a partner who could not only design and build the technology solution and migrate them to Azure, but could provide ongoing support of their cloud environment, freeing up time for the internal IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

They soon recognised that Acora had strong experience at moving legacy systems and workloads from a traditional platform in to Azure leveraging IaaS and PaaS and at the same time take into consideration compliance, governance and legal requirements for archiving and securing data.

Our Approach

Service design

The first step was to engage Acora’s cloud architects to define a global service design for the new Azure platform. The service design engagement output was a comprehensive design document, developed from information collated during service design workshops and knowledge gathering meetings with key stakeholders.


Following the sign-off of the target Azure architecture, Acora’s Project Management team started planning and initiating the Azure Migration project involving the company’s offices across Europe, US and Australia. The project took 6 months to complete and was delivered within the defined time and budget parameters.

Infrastructure management

Acora now provide ongoing 24/7 management and support of the company’s Azure environment. From their 24/7 UK-based operations centres, a dedicated support team looks after the systems, services and application, making sure they are constantly monitored and protected and are available to support the growing needs of the organisation.

Business benefits of the new Azure environment

Flexible working – the global workforce is able to work anywhere and on any device and with increased collaboration
Cost saving – Moving the on-premise infrastructure over to Azure has meant retiring some traditional on-premises infrastructure and software tools which are removing significant cost from the organisation annually
High availability and global scalabilitymoving to the cloud has enabled the IT department to scale much more easily across their global footprint
Improved security & compliance – Microsoft Azure is a leader in IaaS security and the company’s environment is safeguarded with tools and technologies that protect the platform and the end-user
Global data centres – Because Azure is backed up by Microsoft’s growing number of global managed data centres, user experience is greatly improved by having a local data centre
Through Acora we found a partner who could not only design and build our cloud platform in Azure, but also provide ongoing support of our environment. We now have a fully scalable, modern IT platform which enables us to focus on achieving further international expansion.
Global CIO
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