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Investment management

Customer challenge:

  • Improve end user satisfaction, as well as confidence in, and visibility of IT support
  • Improve capability of Service Desk
  • Build global model to seamlessly support all users across the business

The Acora solution

End-to-end project deployment service with a dedicated Service Delivery Manager

  • A high performing, ‘high-touch’ global Service Desk and desktop support model, including 24/7 availability


  • Increased end user satisfaction and confidence in IT at 3i
  • Improved experience and effective IT support for global users
As Acora is a specialist in high performing end user support, we found its proposal to be the most compelling and we were able to obtain great client references
which gave us the confidence that they could deliver their designed solution.
Roland D’Costa
Director of Global IT Services
3i PLC

End user IT support transformation – High-touch global end user support model for leading international investor UK PLC

3i is a leading international investment and management company, focussing where their sector and investment expertise, combined with their international presence and strong capital position, can create material value for stakeholders

The need for change

When Roland D’Costa joined 3i as Director of Global IT Services, the company’s IT service was in the final stages of being outsourced and delivered remotely from a shared service centre.

“It was a model that worked for us at the time, but as we reviewed our overall business objectives and ambitions, it became clear we needed to make a change.”

One of the key requirements was to build an IT support function focused on being the ‘voice of the end user Support’ in IT. 3i users require high availability and high performance from their IT systems and they value good customer service and capability from their IT support teams. With a majority of 3i’s 280 staff located in London, the remaining employees are based across 7 countries.

The other key requirement was to ensure that international users also received this same high level of service, regardless of location and time zone.

Designing a future solution

Re-defining the end user support model was part of a wider IT transformation project for Roland and his team, which also covered improvements to infrastructure and application support. 3i engaged a third party, KPMG, to assist with the procurement and tendering exercise of the full solution.

In the evaluation process, Acora’s focus on end user satisfaction and service stood out. Roland explains; “It was clear they listened to our requirements and really understood what we wanted in terms of performance, capability, skillsets and behaviours. Their proposed solution was a hybrid 1st and 2nd line support team that would be based on-site in London. As Acora is a specialist in high performing end user support, we found its proposal to be the most compelling with great client references which gave us the confidence that they could deliver their designed solution”.

Delivering the new model

Working in collaboration with Roland and 3i, Acora began implementing a combined 1st and 2nd line on-site support function at 3i’s London head office.

The team consists of highly skilled desktop engineers, with great customer service behaviours who have all undertaken thorough training on 3i, its processes and the demands of its users. Individual KPIs and overall service measures are geared towards quality, customer satisfaction and first contact resolution, rather than volumes of calls handled.

Roland had sourced IT partners for its international operations, so the model was adapted so all initial contact from end users is directed to the Acora Service Desk. Acora then handles the communications and logistics with the local IT suppliers to resolve any issues. This means a much easier and more consistent experience for international users.

Acora has organised the on-site London team so there is availability from 7.30am to 7.30pm, and the team includes skilled and site-trained absence cover to ensure adequate capacity. During nights, weekends and bank holidays, support calls are transferred to Acora’s 24/7 Shared Service Centre based in Central London. This team has secure remote access to 3i’s Service Desk tool and aligns to its processes and procedures to ensure a seamless experience for end users.

Acora’s model includes regular service review meetings between a dedicated Acora Service Delivery Manager and 3i. These sessions assess performance against service levels and also monitor progress against an agreed continuous service improvement programme.

Achievements so far

The combined Service Desk and desktop team and the emphasis on customer service has been paying off. End user satisfaction is now at a record high of 98% and first contact resolution has more than tripled with the new model.

Roland shares his views. “It is a pleasure to work with Acora. We wanted a ‘high-touch’ support team and they are consistently delivering this. Overall, Acora has brought knowledge and direction to the service and individually they have been building rapport with our user base and take personal pride in resolving each ticket. Where there have been development areas, the team and management at Acora have been quick to respond and resolve”.

“We’ve undertaken a number of IT transformation projects in the last twelve months, and at times this has caused inevitable disruption or necessary change to users. It has been beneficial to have a support team acting in the interests of end users as we deliver these. They are able to deliver clear and effective communication to staff at 3i around any IT initiatives and changes that may affect their work. This has really helped to improve the overall perception of IT at 3i. We have more IT projects in the pipeline and I’m confident that we can rely on Acora to support us through these” concludes Roland.

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