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Service desk outsourcing – what to consider

Deciding whether to outsource all or part of the IT support function, such as the IT service desk, is a common consideration amongst organisations of all sizes. For small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing can bring levels of expertise, service and availability that would be unrealistic for an organisation to...

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10 things your service desk should not be doing

It’s fair to say that the typical IT service desk has a lot to cover. After all, from sales through to accounts, virtually all companies rely on technology to carry out even the most basic of tasks. IT infrastructure can get pretty complex, too, with staff accessing company networks...

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Happy users, easy life – the ultimate guide to end user support

With emerging tech like mobile, chat, cloud and more, helpdesks have never been under more pressure. Pete Canavan shares his top tips from his 15+ years of delivering end user IT support. How well you support your users impacts productivity, the customer experience and your business advantage. For IT...

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10 top tips to successful M&A IT integration

It’s an alarming fact that a large proportion of M&A activity fails to deliver the potential business value anticipated. In fact, most research indicates that only 50% of these deals actually result in an increase in overall shareholder value. The reason is that whilst organisations seek to acquire and...

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7 ways to improve your service desk

The continued consumerisation of technology means users are more demanding than ever and there are usually multiple devices per user to support, including their own. So whilst these challenges are not new, the nature of the issues and the focus of the service desk is changing. In this paper,...

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Make technology your business advantage

Acora helps small and midsize businesses (SMBs) make the use of technology a business advantage. Modernising your systems and business processes can set you apart from your competitors, whatever size they may be. With Acora, you can choose your own path to modern with flexible, familiar and trusted solutions...

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5 steps to successfully transforming end user support

IT has become the accelerant of modern businesses. Companies are investing more in their technology and so require wider reaching IT support. The Service Desk is becoming the backbone of organisations, as it not only serves to support growth, but it can improve the way work is completed, driving...

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The definitive guide to IT managed services

Unsure as to whether IT managed services is right for your business? This guide will help with your decision making process. Covering everything from explaining what managed services are, to calculating RoI and outlining top tips for selecting the right managed service provider (MSP) it is the definitive guide...

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Acora company brochure

Read more about Acora in this high-level company overview. This brochure contains detail around our services, our clients, our accreditations and partnerships. For more information about Acora, feel free to contact us.

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