Success story - Azure PaaS deployment

Business pains and challenges

Acora was approached by a well known London based championship football club to discuss their website. The club’s existing web hosting contract, which involved a managed IAAS hosting platform, was up for renewal. A significant part of the service fee was based on providing a managed service wrapper for the IAAS hosting platform. The club was seeking to reduce the current contract value. Their existing sitecore platform was based on a legacy version and they wanted to invest in a platform that would enable future enhancements and minimum support for their web hosting platform, as well as increase its revenue potential.

A key risk to the project was surrounding the existing site’s support capability. It was not known whether the current site would be easily upgraded to the later version without complication.

Acora solution

Acora proposed an Azure PAAS service to address the club’s challenges.

Platform as a Service, often simply referred to as PaaS, is a category of cloud computing that provides a platform and environment to allow developers to build applications and services over the internet.

The site was deployed using Acora’s automation engine, with Azure components deployed and configured based on programmatic code.  This meant that the platform could be deployed, tweaked and re-tested a number of times before being released to the customer.

SQL Server-as-a-service was also deployed to minimise deployment costs when compared to SQL IAAS and to increase or decrease performance transparently at a click of a button.

Business benefits of Azure PaaS solution

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