24/7 service desk support for second time outsourcer

About our client

Our client is one of the UK’s largest trade unions, serving more than 1.3 million members. With headquarters in London, it also has sites across the UK and employs 1350 people.

The organisation’s current IT contract with a single provider for 1st-3rd line support was not delivering the service value they needed. As a result they decided to split the services and move to a multi source agreement. They were not looking for a cost service focused but for better first line support 7/7 with an emphasis on strong customer satisfaction.

Acora was chosen as one of a number of partners.

Why did they choose Acora?

The organisation entered in to a three year contract with Acora in March 2018. Acora was able to address all their requirements, specifically around the customisation they needed for reporting KPIs. As a mid market provider, Acora was a good fit from a size & maturity perspective and more competitively priced than their incumbent.

Acora solution

Business benefits

The new multi source agreement is working well for the company. Service levels and reporting is much improved. The fact that Acora is accountable and responsible ensures that these levels are being constantly measured, reported and improved.

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